Elementz Interior & HMI

Elementz HMI(Dashboard) ergonomic interior design prioritizes both form and function, creating a seamless and intuitive experience that's easy on the eyes and the body.

Elementz V7 is a reflection of the forces of nature,

with its shape seemingly shaped by air and wind.

The monolithic design of the V7 gives it a bold and imposing

presence on the road, while its fluid lines create a sense of

movement and grace.

At Elementz, we believe that the best driving experience comes from a cockpit that's designed with the user in mind. Our ergonomic interior design prioritizes both form and function, creating a seamless and intuitive experience that's easy on the eyes and the body. From the dashboard to the driver's seat.


Elementz ergonomic interior design, drivers can enjoy extended periods of driving without experiencing fatigue or discomfort.


Ergonomic principles

Our dashboard design incorporates ergonomic principles to create a comfortable and intuitive driving experience. The layout and placement of buttons, screens, and controls are optimized to minimize the need for excessive movement or strain.


Real-Time Data

Stay up-to-date with real-time data updates, giving you the most accurate information possible. Our dashboard pulls in data from multiple sources and provides real-time analysis, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly.

We consider the natural range of motion and reach of the driver's arms and hands to ensure that controls are easily accessible without causing discomfort.


Quick access

Customizable driver display layout and functions for quick access to frequently used features, such as FSD or audio playback.


Customizable Layout

Our dashboard allows for complete customization of the layout to meet your specific needs. From resizing widgets to moving them around the screen, you have complete control.

and forms are blended with holistic approach.

A gridless new set of navigation design gives you more control over how you prioritize your time and attention. So you can find balance and stay focused on road in the moment.


A minimalist interior with clear lines and high-quality materials provides the spacious Element 7 conceptĀ¹ with a timeless aesthetic.
Elementz V7 Dashboard


No-Look Handset

Enhance your interior even further with an impressive Elementz Wing Screen. One single display is seamlessly merged with a Elementz UX, zero-layer control surface ensuring a comfortable user experience.
Elementz V7 AC Controller


Ultimate Comfort

An Interior that leaves almost nothing to be desired. In addition to the Elementz UX and Premium interior, you enjoy ultimate comfort with all your senses.
Elementz V7 Dashboard


No-More Stress

Small details have a big effect. Like the bright, zero touch screens and physical lighting buttons, which enhances the atmosphere and makes it easier to find something in the dark.

Elementz V7.

From its sleek lines to its sculpted surfaces, the V7 is a true express of design que and inspired by natural colours.

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